July 15, 2011

Outfit Ideas: Bow Details

Floral Embroidered Flowy Boho Top Blue
Floral Embroidered Flowy Boho Top Blue
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Has ever bow detail be out in the fashion trend? Bows appear on prom dresses, formal shirts and also on casual tees, and could never look out of the places.

I love bow detailed fashion items. Be it blouses, jewelry, shoes, belts and other accessories, bows add a bit feminine flair to any outfits. Moreover, bows resemble butterflies which are a luck symbol. (Butterflies evolve from caterpillars and hence a symbol of rebirth and advancement; the pronunciation of Butterflies in Chinese conveys the meaning of multiply)

It’s easy to incorporate bows into your wardrobe:
- Replace your white shirt with a silky bow blouse. It’s classy and elegant, recreating that 70s feel which is so charming and trendy.
- Get a bow printed shirt, or a top with the bow woven into it. They make the bow part of their structure.
- Opt for sequined embellishment in a large bow pattern, it’s a interesting, bold statement
- Bow piece embellishments on tunics are fun, eye-catching and just right.

There's just not many ways to get bows wrong; whether an oversized feature or simple ribbon, a bow can add a nice touch to outfits this season.

April 09, 2010

Floral Chiffon in Spring

After days in heavy chunks and dark colors. It’s not without reasons that floral prints in light materials come up in every spring. With March in full swing, it’s time to refresh your wardrobes. Chiffon wear is always a key item in springs and summers. The soft, flowy, sheer and fairy looks will keep you cool and sexy, while adding flower prints will make you more feminine or girly, depending on the pattern style. Sequin embellishment and lace trimmings are just that little something more to make you more sophisticated. Chiffon wear and denim make an ideal pairing with femininity and tenderness balanced out the roughness and ease.

Fashion Trends - Spring & Summer 2010

Spring & Summer starts a whole new fashion year and give us new hopes and new looks. Let's take a look at the highlights of this S&S fashion trends : 1. Less is More This is not the revival of mannish minimalism of the 90's. More feminine cutting has been adopted to make the styles clean and fresh. Cutouts and thigh-high slits enable more fresh air for your skins. 2. See-through It's not surprising See-through is a trend for Spring and Summer. In this S&S, more innovative materials have been adopted besides the common chiffon or lace. Prada uses crystals for dress while Anteprima uses wirebag material for miniskirt. With this see-through trend, lingerie becomes an important fashion element for mix and match. 3. Patterns Patterns give new ideas to a simple design. To go with the Less is More, fashion designers adopt different patterns on fabric for an eye-catching effect. Besides the traditional floral prints, Duro Olowu's tribal motifs and Givenchy's digital designs and many other patterns in other brands has raised the call for this Patterns fashion trend.

July 19, 2009

Fashion Trend - Fall and Winter 2009 (Summary)

The year, the Fall and Winter fashion trend is a continuation of the Spring and Summer trends. Under the financial tsunami, fashion designer tends to goes from "Runway Fashion" to "Dressable Fashion" and from "Conceptual" to "Practical". Below are some of the fashion trends for Fall and Winder 2009 : 1. Golden 80's 2. Black Always 3. See-through 4. Dress Coat We will discuss each trend in details later.

July 04, 2009

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2009 (80's Again)

History repeats itself. Fashion elements in different decades also repeat themselves to create new trends. One typical example is the hot "bling bling" of 60's becomes trendy again around these few years. This year, it's 80's turn. In the 80s, the fashion trend was masculine influenced with the wide use of shoulder pads for women. However, fashion designer will not just simply copy but adopt. Fashion designers manipulate fabric in ever bolder (and bigger) ways but the shoulder pads are smaller to give a less masculine effect than the 80's. Fashion brands leading this trend are Jean Paul Gaultier, Givenchy, Christian Lacoix and Ralph Lauren etc.

June 10, 2009

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2009 (3D Design)

Crochet Rippled Scallop Cardigan Top Black
Crochet Rippled Scallop Cardigan Top Black
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Volume cutting becomes a popular design trend in fashion in recent years. Fashion designers fulfill their needs for creativity by bending, folding and twisting fabrics in a ever bolder way. This year, 3D designs are leading the trends along the runways of different brands. Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, YSL and Chloe are presenting their ways of 3D ideas. Some people may think 3D designs are only showpieces to attract eyeballs in fashion shows and are not suitable for real life dressing. But, you may also catch this trend with clothes carrying 3D features like cocoon sleeves and draping designs. These features will surely make your dressing styles richer and more trendy.

June 06, 2009

Fashion Trend - Spring and Summer 2009 (Asymmetric)

Off / One Shoulder Cowl Ruch Blouse Purple
Off / One Shoulder Cowl Ruch Blouse Purple
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Symmetry is always a balance beauty in human history. In 2009, everything seems going in the other ways. Financial crisis, swine flu and other difficulties are driving people to lose faith in things thought to be right in the past. Under such circumstances, asymmetry gives an unbalance beauty from the chaos. Asymmetric design are one of leading fashin trends in this Spring and Summer. Asymmetric goes with one shoulder, one strap blouses, uneven skirt hem and all designs with asymmetric cuts. Versace, Ninna Ricci, Lanvin and Valentino etc are leading the influx of this asymmetric fashion trend.